Who Knew A Sunroof Could Double As An Acura Integra Hood Scoop?

Sunroofs are obviously designed to be used on, well, the roofs of cars, but who would have thought that they couldn’t also double as hood scoops?

While browsing through some of Reddit’s most entertaining threads, we came across a unique Acura Integra that has had its hood outfitted with a functional sunroof. It really is a weird sight.

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This video was first shared to TikTok and the Integra in question apparently resides in Dallas, Texas. It is unclear where the sunroof was sourced from but the owner went to the trouble of making it actually work, allowing for it to be opened up to display the car’s four-cylinder engine.

It is strange to say the least but we have to commend the owner for thinking outside of the box and making a unique modification to their car. Sure, adding a sunroof to the hood of your Integra isn’t going to make it any faster but it certainly makes it stand out – for better or worse. Plus, in the possible event of the engine ever overheating, the sunroof could also be opened to help cool it down.

We do have one idea that could make this Integra even more striking: if the owner was somehow able to cram a V8 under the hood, they could really turn heads at car events by slowing retracting the hood-mounted sunroof and revealing the new engine in all of its glory.


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