This Awesome Acura NSX Camper Now Has A Matching Trailer


Last year, a man by the name of Chris Cut made headlines when he attached a roof box and a tent to his modified Acura NSX. Fast forward to mid-2021 and Cut has taken things to a new level, chopping a salvaged NSX in half and using it as a trailer.

During a recent interview with Motor Trend, Cut reveals that the trailer was built from a 1991 NSX that was totaled not once but twice. In the first crash, the rear end was destroyed before the car was repaired and involved in a second crash, this time badly damaging the front. The second crash was so severe that the pillars bent, the frame rails cracked, and the floor buckled. He thought about turning it into a track car but decided doing so would be far too costly.

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The trailer isn’t just any old NSX that’s been hacked in half, either. Instead, Cut has painted it in the same shade of red as his drivable NSX and has also equipped it with the same black accents and aftermarket wheels. As if that wasn’t cool enough, Cut also managed to source one of Honda’s classic Motocompo scooters and stores it in the trailer.

“The Motocompo fits perfectly in the NSX trailer, and I’m planning to actually use it not only to putt around campsites but also for its intended purpose to get around cities on my cross-country trip,” Cut said in his interview with Motor Trend. “I’m also looking into seeing if it’s feasible to build a sidecar for my dog, or maybe even a mini trailer for him that the Motocompo can tow him around in, lol! I’ll continue to document my progress along with our cross-country trip and any other adventures we get into on my YouTube channel.”

The addition of the trailer has allowed Cut to fit his tent to the roof of the trailer, rather than the NSX he drives, thus allowing him to fit a roofbox onto the iconic Japanese sports car without having to routinely swap it for the tent.