Red Bull Set A Dangerous Precedent Demanding Competitors Pay For Crash Damage


But I think even this take on the matter is slightly short sighted. The cost cap is good, and teams just need to learn to work within their budgets. If the cost cap means spending less on some other aspect of the program to keep a little wiggle room in the budget for accidental damage, so be it. The whole point is to make things equal for teams, so if you get crashed out early in the season, maybe that means you don’t get to introduce a mid-season front wing design change like you wanted to. Them’s the brakes.

Should the cost cap be amended to include exemptions for crash damage? Hell no. A budget is a budget and if you go over you get penalized. You’ll want to keep a few extra million in the bank to cover stuff that you can’t predict. That’s what racing is. If you can’t build a fast enough race car with 130 million dollars, leaving an extra ten million in there for rainy days in Hungary, then I don’t know what to tell you. Maybe take up a sport that doesn’t have wheel-to-wheel driving at 200 miles per hour.