GMC Sierra HD Sinks In A Lake During Live News Broadcast

A GMC Sierra HD has been filmed sinking into an Illinois lake during a live news broadcast.

The incident occured while a reporter from ABC NewsChannel 20 was doing a live report from the edge of Lake Springfield. In the background, a white GMC Sierra HD can be seen gently sinking into the water, directly behind the reporter.

After a few seconds of speaking to the camera, the young presenter, probably alerted by his cameraman or someone else, turns around and gasps as he sees the pickup truck slowly sinking into the lake.

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It appears as though the owner of the pickup had just used it to launch a small fishing boat but presumably forgot to put on the emergency brake. One man in the boat appears particularly frustrated as he watches the pickup truck sink while being completely powerless to stop it. It is pretty shocking and we can only begin to imagine what the owner was thinking as he watched the Sierra HD disappear under the water.

Taking to Facebook after the incident, the local Sangamon County Rescue Squad confirmed that no one was injured.

“Last night, SCRS responded to Spaulding Dam boat launch at Lake Springfield to assist with the recovery of a submerged vehicle. No injuries were reported with this incident.”

Prices for a new GMC Sierra HD start at a touch over $35,000 and for the owner’s sake, we really hope the truck was comprehensively insured.