Bus Slams Into Car That Ran A Red Light And Pushes It A Quarter Mile


Skid marks found on the scene show that the bus pushed the car nearly a quarter of a mile down the road. The videos show the bus continuing down the street as it if wasn’t dragging a car along with it.

The crash happened at the intersection of Ralph David Abernathy Boulevard and Central Avenue SW. The bus, a Gillig BRT equipped with air brakes, entered the intersection from Central Avenue SW, a street with a 35 mph speed limit.

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Screenshot: Google Maps

Some are wondering why the bus went so far before stopping. Witnesses on the scene feared that it wasn’t going to stop at all.

The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration says that a bus or truck can take up to 600 feet to stop at highway speeds in ideal conditions. The bus appeared to have been traveling at a far lower speed and should have been able to come to a stop sooner than it did. It’s not known at this time why it didn’t.


A spokesperson for MARTA told local news that the operator of the bus wasn’t injured and did not lose consciousness. Thankfully, the bus wasn’t carrying any passengers at the time. The driver of the Mitsubishi Eclipse was taken to a local hospital and their condition is unknown.

MARTA’s police and safety units are investigating the incident.