Burn Baby Burn: Russian Guy Turns His Lada Into An Insane Flamethrower

If you were driving in Russia and came across this Lada 2106, you could be excused for thinking it was just like any other. However, it has a very unique feature.

Perhaps taking inspiration from the handful of supercars that can spit flames from their exhausts, or maybe some action movie, the owner of this Lada has equipped it with a truly insane flamethrower system so intense that it would be better suited to the military than a civilian.

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Footage of the car was uploaded to Reddit and shows that two of the four headlamps have been removed and in their place are the nozzles for the flamethrower. When activated, the system fires off two streams of fire roughly 30 feet long.

The video doesn’t actually show the Lada driving so it’s hard to know if the driver has removed the engine to fit everything needed for the flamethrower or if they have opted for a neater solution and managed to retain the engine while hiding the flamethrower’s various components somewhere else. Whatever the case may be, you certainly wouldn’t want to engage in a road rage incident with this Lada on the street as the owner could pretty much burn you to a crisp.